Rainbows is an exceptional nursery school, and our 3yr-old son loves going there. Since he started his character has become much more confident and he has become increasingly interested in new activities and learning. The manager and her lovely team have built a great rapport with him and are terrific in varying the pace between one-on-one learning and attention and stepping back and letting him lose himself in messy or creative play. Because of the amount of space in the village hall, all the children are free to play in different areas without crowding each other, and a number of different 'zones' are set-up daily. These rotate between all sorts of different activities including puzzles, cars, messy play, dressing up, reading, nature tables, etc. From our experience with previous nurseries, this one honestly stands head and shoulders above others in helping little souls develop in a happy and encouraging environment. I recommend Rainbows to all parents who are looking for great day care.

How likely would you be to recommend Rainbows Nursery School Elstead? Extremely Likely  by (Mother of Child) on 2017

Rainbows Nursery is an excellent nursery school and we are extremely happy we chose it. Our daughter has grown in confidence since starting here and educationally it is exceptional. The manager and her team are professional and fully focussed on providing the best care and support for each individual child. The village hall setting provides lots of space for the children and there is a playground too. It really feels that Rainbows Nursery is part of the community and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

How likely would you be to recommend Rainbows Nursery School Elstead? Extremely Likely  by (Mother of Child) on 2017

'We are so delighted with how much M....... has blossomed. You have given him such a lovely two years at Rainbows with lovely activities.'

'We think you have done the most amazing job at preparing him both emotionally and academically for school in September.'

'Rainbows has such a happy, caring and nurturing environment, providing a wonderful start to their education, we will really miss being involved with you all.'

'Thank you for your love and constant support that have seen H.......... thrive at Rainbows in the last 2 ½ years, I have nothing but praise and admiration for all your hard work.'

'S............. has made tremendous progress in your care and will remember her little school with great fondness in years to come.'

'Thank you all so much for looking after J........ so well and making his time at Rainbows such a happy one.'


We aim to make Rainbows Nursery School accessible and inclusive to every child in the community. Click here for our admissions procedure and to download our registration form.


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